eCommerce is growing globally for the B2B & B2C marketplace segments.

DITS effectively delivers custom eCommerce development solutions along with an exhaustive collection of eCommerce site design offerings which include expansion development, theme customization, and maintenance solutions.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Technology improvements combined with rapid increases in the number of smartphones and innovative payment options are driving this increase in online shopping. A successful eCommerce website provides you an option of integrating with payment gateways that are varied by not limiting your choices to a selected few.

Shopping Cart

One of the most integral parts of any e-commerce store, the shopping cart. We know that a shopping cart is a place where your end consumers store their products to continue with the final checkout process. We ensure to design a flexible shopping cart for your registered user to checkout and allow the guest user a smooth experience.

Order Management

An order management panel simplifies the job of the merchants where one can get information regarding Buyer Cancellation/Refunds/COD order verification/Exchange/Order Status Update and more. The panel helps his order fulfillment is managed by the merchant and oversee the completion of the same.

Mobile Compatibility

eCommerce sites offer three kinds of options for compatibility. The first is currently ensuring the cellular perspective is reactive and accommodated according to the device. The WAP is a portable template that optimizes the site in dimension and generates less loading time. API's for building since everyone enjoys browsing through mobile apps that are mobile is vital and we can do it for your store.

Product Navigation

Perhaps the most important component of an online store is its navigation system. Good website navigation is essential for any website, but much more so. Users have to be able to browse among goods and different categories immediately. Purchasing the information architecture of an e-commerce website is paramount to the website's success.

Scalable Infrastructure

Your infrastructure ought to have the ability to climb as you become more and more traffic. Latency leads to drops in transaction prices and leads to loss of marketing dollars. CDN managing the products on the internet and should be utilized to improve the functionality of the website. Additionally, it gives excellent uptime, ensuring that the site is available and at any moment.