DITS sustains experience in providing a contemporary, scalable platform for hospitals, clinics, and their branches to deliver improved patient care to achieve operational efficiency and maximizing profits. DITS's Hospital Information System (HIS) is a modern alternative that allows medical facilities to conquer the biggest challenges in healthcare. Today these challenges include achieving operational effectiveness, managing the healthcare provider community's adoption of electronic medical record (EMR) technology, delivering superior patient care while boosting revenues with new offerings and services.

The hospital information system solutions by DITS are web-native, incorporated, multi-facility, multi-lingual, and scalable systems. The HIS developed by DITS aims at delivering a comprehensive solution to any healthcare body to increase its effectiveness and return on investment. Our HIS can be configured to meet communication needs and the information requirements of clinical sections from small to large hospitals. Therefore, it can be customized as per the administrative, revenue, operational, and clinical departments' demands of the healthcare body.


    • Extended Care Platform

    Add new efficient services to increase care and revenues.

    • Modern & Advanced Offerings

    From small to very large network hospitals, our HIS can fit healthcare enterprises of all sizes.

    • Adheres to Global Standards

    We integrate modern solutions and strictly assent with global standards.

    • Low Total Cost of Ownership

    Economy solution; an investment that is comparable to the best in the market at a lower.

    • Streamlined User Experience

    Refined user experience for Elevated adoption and sleek processes.