Card issuers are faced with changing consumer behaviours, growing number of competitors and new regulatory directives. Current systems are, however, expensive to maintain and do not offer issuers the agility to meet evolving market requirements. For issuers, choosing the right technology partner is critical to ensure services meet customer needs whilst being cost-effective. DITS, a leading provider of Issuance products, powering cards for 800M cardholders globally, helps issuers grow their payment business.

Our Issuance suite incorporates card management, loyalty, extensive management reporting and analytics, and comprehensive cardholder security. DITS Issuance suite provides a set of flexible components designed to allow issuers to get to market faster, reduce fraud, improve transaction tracking and personalize the payment experience. Our open APIs provide issuers the scale and agility needed to interface with third party applications and deliver innovative payment experiences.

Benefits for Issuers

Saves Costs 

Saves delivery costs by replacing physical PIN mailers with electronic PIN activation. Lowers inbound queries related to PIN generation and reset to the contact center. Lowers number of branch visits by customers for submitting PIN regeneration requests.

Accelerates Card Activation Time 

On-demand PIN activation eliminates wait time and enables cardholders to use cards instantly, driving up total transaction volume.

Optimizes Customer Experience 

Simplified, on-demand PIN generation improves customer service score and delivers delight.


Flexible Implementation Models 

Issuers can deploy DITS Green PIN as a standalone solution or coupled with DITS Card Management systems.

Flexible Business Models 

Supports multiple business models – licensed and hosted—in line with business needs of issuers.