The Oil and Gas (O&G) industry is undeniably a new name in the mobile app industry. Needless to say, there is a lot of competition in the niche and the developers are trying to deliver sophisticated solutions in the domains of Oil and Gas Technology Consulting Services.

At DITS, we take active participation in developing highly reliable Industry Website Design that is inclusive of all the latest technological standards. We help the industries to raise their overall productivity standards via the core mobile solutions.  Nowadays, people are looking for services that can reach up to them within a limited time frame and with the best of their quality. Thus, to help the businesses to win in this competitive market, we deliver all the proven Oil and Gas Technology Consulting Services that can add to your success stories by all ways and means.

So, if you are looking for your oil and gas mobile app, we can engineer the best mobile apps that can make your businesses grow in just the right ways.


Employee Management

Well, we deliver sophisticated and reliable solutions for maximizing the functionality of your overall industry. At CIS, we engineer feature-rich Oil and Gas Industry Solution that is inclusive of employee management standards and ethics.

Material Management

Needless to say, the oil and gas industry has a lot to do with material management. We provide just the right and correct solutions for handling the materials that are being deployed. The businesses can keep track of the material that is being used and the one that is in spare.

Location Tracking (GPS and GIS)

These can be counted as the most popular solution for the oil and gas industry. Well, the businesses can track the location of their employees, the product that is out for supply, and the other transportation activities that are taking place.

Fuel management

Well, in the oil and gas business, it is important to keep track of every activity taking place. It is imperative to note down all the details that are associated with fuel consumption so that fuel misuse can be monitored in the appropriate ways.

Vehicle/Transport Management

Product delivery is an important part of any business. In the current times, where every business to looking forward to meeting their user requirements at the doorsteps, monitoring and tracking the vehicles is imperative. Noting down the activities they are attuned to is also a major task.

Complain Management

Well, every business must be attuned to a standardized consumer grievances department. Be it a small scale or a large scale business, people look forward to seeking services from the organization that listens and shape its compliances in the right way.

Supply Chain Management

Needless to say, seamless supply chain management is highly important. The more the supply chain management is flawless; the more the orders in real-time can be captures. Thus, at CIS, we deliver sophisticated Oil & Gas IT Services that help in making the entire operations very seamless.

Productivity tracking and management

Well, the business needs to find out how much they are making by implementing oil and gas mobile apps. Undeniably, apps make almost all the tack very easier and transparent, thus, identifying the profit ratios timely can set promising standards for your businesses.

Quick delivery services

Since plentiful tracking and monitoring solutions are heading the app, thus the oil and gas industry can ensure that the delivery is being taken place in the right way. Via the help of location services, the drivers can set the perfect location for making a delivery in faster and effective ways.