Merchant acquirers are operating in a complex marketplace. A constant evolution in the way customers pay is placing demands on acquirers to support new channels and payment modes. At the same time, regulatory caps on interchange rates and a new set of competitors are disrupting the marketplace, creating constant margin pressures.

DITS leverages its extensive global experience in delivering omnichannel acceptance solutions to help acquirers effectively respond to changing market needs, deepen merchant engagement and improve business performance. DITS Acquirer, an omni-channel payments platform, enables acquirers to accept, authenticate, route, switch and authorize traditional or alternative payment across multiple channels - whether in-store, online or mobile. A unified platform, DITS Acquirer delivers improved efficiencies, speed to market, increased security and support for multiple payment product types.

DITS Advantage

Unified merchant solution 

A unified platform delivers improved efficiencies, speed to market, increased security, and support for multiple instruments and payment product types.

Deepens merchant engagement 

Simplified KYC and onboarding procedures, dispute management, reconciliation, and value-added services including multi-currency support, analytics, and tokenization creates merchant stickiness.

Unprecedented scale 

The platform is benchmarked for 4,000 messages per second and processes over 2 M transactions daily on a single platform.

Saves costs 

Common platform with support for multiple channels helps acquirers achieve economies of scale and lower cost of ownership.

Multiple deployment models 

Solution can be deployed on-premise, on DITS cloud or third-party public and private cloud in line with business needs of acquirers.